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That is only possible by using your operator….

Achievement Guide for The Great Eidolon Hunt

Amps that I recommend you to use the T3 Amp with its Shwaak Prism perfect if you want to hit multiple hitboxes of the Eidolon.. The abilities of Eidolon Teralyst are very predictable and you are able to dodge every ability by using your Void Mode crouch. Making yourself untargetable is a very important part later on, so keep that in mind.

So, how do you defeat an Eidolon Teralyst alone, or in a group of 4 people?

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The first step, take down the Shield with your Operator. The Shield is the most annoying part and takes a lot of time.

How to kill an Eidolon Teralyst in Warframe: Plains of Eidolon

It is very important that your allies help you. Keep dodging and recharge your energy if needed. These are found at Grineer camps throughout the plains. To take control of a lure you attack it till it's health has gone, then hack it. It is now under your control and will follow you around unless you press square next to it, tell it to stay in place. These need to be charged up, which is done by killing vomvalysts when they are tethered by the lure - you know when this happens as there is a white 'string' that connects the vomvalyst to the lure. Step 2 - find and get to the Eidolon While gathering lures, if you spot the Eidolon, tag it so it can easily be found once lures have been gathered you can use 3 people to get lures and 1 to find the Eidolon, but archwings make getting around the plains pretty quick, so not really essential.

Either run or fly over to where the Eidolon is, don't worry about using an archwing to get there - Lures are like rescue targets - they seem to be able to teleport at will. Step 3 - take down the shields This is where the operator comes into play.

Warframe how to kill eidolon gannalyst

Only the operator can remove the Eidolons shields, which is done by shooting it. It doesn't seem to matter where you shoot it, but some Amp variations can hit more than once per shot.

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Step 4 - destroy a Synovia What the hell is a Synovia!? As you look at the Teralyst there are 4 points on its body that look like old skool radiators and are glowing blue, these are the Synovias, and all 4 have to be destroyed.

You can only take out 1 at a time, although all 4 can be damaged at once, it make sense to focus on 1 at a time, as the others have their health restored when the shields go back up. These are located on its elbows and knees. Step 5 - get at least 1 lure close With a lure close to the Teralyst it will not teleport away which makes the fight take longer as you have to find it again.

So, run up to the Teralyst with your lure following you to prevent this from happening. Downside - the Teralyst gives out an Energy blast think there are 5 waves that can 1 shot your warframe. This can be avoided by one of Harrows abilities, which protects the whole team, or by going into your operators stealth mode by holding L1. EEP by Terrill Mast. Intricately layered synthwave with an experimental edge and a pure pop heart. The Drought by Puce Mary. Puce Mary returns with another LP of harrowing experimental electronic music.

Explore music. A Tribute To Reutoff by Various artists.

Eidolon Wyrm - Official Calamity Mod Wiki

Malahki Thorn. Hannibal Ektor. Claus Adam.

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Kari Hilesmaa. Comes in a six-panel digipack, with artwork by Oleg "cmart" Paschenko.