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Who Are the World’s Poor?

Many people flee, are forcibly expelled from their homes and are dependent on outside help. Poverty in Africa is increasing as a result of these wars.

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  • The African continent has been suffering more and more from climate change in recent decades: devastating floods and extraordinary drought periods lead to crop failures. Particularly affected are East Africa and the Sahel region. This includes: life expectancy at birth, average school attendance period, expected school attendance period as well per capita income. Poverty in Africa - causes The extreme poverty in Africa has many reasons, some of which are closely linked.

    On the other hand, 89 countries still charge enrolment fares that are an important obstacle for poor families. Education allows us to know the world and change it so that we may all live with dignity, use our rights and participate actively in the building of a more equal and solidarity society. Because we cannot allow so many people to live in the darkness of illiteracy and because we believe that education is the most efficient tool to fight poverty.

    How is Poverty Defined in America?

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