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Chronicles of Atlantis: The Age of Immortals by Chris Paras

Dec 08, megan-redwitch rated it liked it. Jul 11, Bruce Sandmeyer rated it it was amazing.

The author created an exciting story where a modern archeological team finds evidence of the mythical civilization of Atlantis. From there the author takes the reader back through time to explore an exciting and mysterious world.

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May 25, Jabriol rated it liked it. I can say the author has potential. He needs to develop his plot as well as logic. Jan 03, Leonel Garcia rated it it was amazing. I thought it was great how the writer incorporated so many things of interest to me. He brought archeology, Atlantis, Greek mythology and adventure together to tell a great take on the story of Atlantis. You can tell much research was done when composing this story.

Atlantis lucid dreaming

I found myself reading up on many lands and characters he spoke about because most of them have a story of their own. I will already began reading the sequel. Apr 25, Joann Clifton-manske rated it it was amazing. I'm not greatly knowledgeable about archeology, mythology or geography but this was one check of a fascinating read.

Judgement of Atlantis Choices and Ending

I had a hard time putting it down and read it in about 2 days. I'm assuming there are more books to follow and am looking forward to them.

This is a touch like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but the discovery made is so much more fascinating.