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For more information about Brooks Books see our about us page. Mayfly magazine considers snail mail or email submissions! Also note that we are now hosting the " Millikin Haiku " web site. This site features the ongoing work of students in haiku courses at Millikin University. This site also features the Decatur Haiku Collection bibliography and other research resoures. Forthcoming publicationn date of November 9, Order your copy today. See a free sample of issue 8, featuring cat haiku. You may purchase our publications online, using the "add to cart" buttons throughtout the web site, or by going to the Brooks Books Online Orders Catalog.

The Collected Haiku of Raymond Roseliep , Brooks Books publishes free online collections of haiku with photography or haiga paintings. For a complete listing with links, see our online collections. See more details. Brooks Books publishes Mayfly , a chapbook-sized magazine of English language haiku published twice a year. Submit up to 5 unpublished haiku by email or snail mail. He bit Me with them today. Like all kids. The cow had a chicken on his head… Now laugh guys. She put it in there.

His Smells like Cheerios. The dude Hates eggs and pancakes. Fingers crossed. Then two Nights later, she threw up, too, Then they were both fine. The Light will help us see. At least not ours. My neck. She still tried to, though. Read all the way through, grinning madly. Parenthood is such a trip. Ancient history in this household, with both our charges out of the house. But, boy, did your haikus bring back memories. He stood on the trunk. Grinned wide at his mom, and then Intentionally peed.

Like Liked by 8 people. Like Liked by 3 people. Like Liked by 5 people. Reblogged this on Vijayagiri views. Like Liked by 4 people. Like Liked by 2 people. I absolutely loved this. It was wonderful. And I was smiling all through the accounts. This is a treasure. Reblogged this on michael's blog and commented: For children! Reblogged this on Strands in the Weave of My Thoughts and commented: What a creative way to express yourself through those sleepless nights!

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Have you written about it elsewhere? My thinking was that if I could do at least a little bit every day, it would keep me connected to creativity, and would hopefully spread into other parts of my life. I have friends who do a drawing or illustration every day, which is what inspired this. Like Liked by 1 person. I posted a collection of the first year of haiku in and was remiss in not having posted the collection of the second and third years.

Fantastic journal I laughed, grinned and frowned at some because the meanings were lost to me. Thank you for sharing.

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It made me reflect on my childhood. I wish you the best with your sweet kids, marriage and ice cream shop. It was so mesmerizing to read.

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Great idea. Reblogged this on doroklein and commented: I think this is genius, so I have to share it. What a neat concept. Definitely gonna have to do something like this.. I agree with comment above, good job sticking to it! Reblogged this on and commented: Love this. What a cool concept! I love May 2nd. Such a brilliant way to keep in touch with your creativity and now you have wonderful memories to share.

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Proper foundation building Via tummy time. Last night was too loud. Time is not a flat circle, But it does go fast. Babies get stuffy. He sleeps pretty Well, if you hold him. Is he sick? Of course she Only ate the roll. There are no more rules.

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I kind of am, too. Her Plate was very full. Who wore it better? RIP, Prince.

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